Monday Travels

I usually go back to the metro on a sunday.  But yesterday I was lost in my own busy-ness that I decided I would just go back early this morning.  I was hoping I'd be able to finish my report last night but guess what, until now, I am still not able to finish it.  I'm keeping myself optimistic that I will finish it earlier...:)

Breakfast is the usual large iced tea--my version of coffee and crackers.  I know I'm not the healthiest girl in the world but they were available then and the grocery store was still closed to buy something like an apple or any fruit.

Lunch is also the same.  Two medium-sized pan de sal and a medium iced tea.  Maybe I have too much iced tea on my blood--my tongue is not enjoying it anymore.

Dinner is half of the pesto mayo chicken sandwich from Naked Juice Bar.  This sandwich is so delicious.

I am planning to eat MORE FRUITS tomorrow.  Hopefully, there are pictures, too! :)


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