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Workdays mean "diet" days.  I find it easy to control the food I eat on a work day because I'm generally like a robot at work--with all the stuff I have to accomplish.  I used to jog and dance whenever I would opt not to count calories for the day but since I'm really busy even on my off duties, these past few days, I don't get to do that.  Since today is a work day, I had my usual breakfast--iced tea and crackers.  Iced tea is my coffee.  A lot of my officemates find it weird.  They are into hot drinks (hot coffee/hot choco) in the morning while I'm into iced tea (the more ice the better).

Lunch, I was craving for the chicken dish I had yesterday at Rodic's stall.  I was hoping they had the same dish this lunch or that they had any chicken dish prepared but they disappointed my stomach...:( I just decided to hit the nearby mall and looked for lunch there.  Unfortunately, the chicken dish craving was still on my mind and so upon seeing cracked pan de sal at French Baker I bought 2 rolls and an iced tea and agreed to call that my lunch.  As long as there's iced tea then I'm okay.

By the time I was to have dinner, my stomach was already growling.  But I knew that I could take the hunger pang because I know that I can eat anytime.  I still have some calories left to consume.  After a while, E and I were at the nearby mall and was already eating at Jollibee.  I had chicken barbecue and spaghetti and an iced tea (again...) and E had fried chicken with rice and soda.

I know we're not the healthiest eaters but change does not happen overnight especially when it comes to my eating habits.  But there are some improvements with my habits I'm telling you...:)

I realized that I automatically remove chicken skin and just eat the meat.  Better right? :)  I also did my grocery shopping a while ago and I bought apples!  I was craving for granola bars but HFCS was included in the ingredient of my preferred brand that was why I decided not to purchase those addicting granola bars.

Anyway, I'm having pain in my gut right now maybe because I don't drink as much water these past few days.  I better listen to my body.


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