another morning

i was looking out through the window, looking at the housewives flocking together discussing the latest events in telenovelas and updates on their lives. i could see houses below me. sun shining. i just drank nescafe (i'm trying the nescafe-it's-gonna-be-a-great-day effect). it was another morning. and this afternoon i'd be going back to manila. music filled the house from the mtv...reminiscent of my mom's nagging voice. reminding me of our harsh lives and that i should not enjoy the life we're in..but i'm happy in spite of difficulties. i have long accepted the fact that we are poor and it's gonna be a long shot before we can save to be comfortable enough. i guess i'm just thankful for our abode. we may not eat the most delicious food but still, there's food to eat and house to live in.

this morning i thought of dad. i miss him so much.

i reread my february-march journal. i'm reliving dad's death. it brought tears to my eyes. but it also brought bittersweet memories of this great friend of mine. i wonder how he's doing. he's happy now. and i'm happy for him.

for the last two days, all i did was write poetry. one of these days, i'm gonna post them here.

got to go...it's getting late and i have responsibilities.



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