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My parents raised me well. How well? Now that is relative...People may find me weird...in fact when I was a gradeschooler, i was an outcast. Because I was weird. I had a hard time then. But that showed that I am different--unique. My parents gave me my freedom. I want to thank them for that. Every major decisions in my life, my parents let me decide on my own. But I have their guidance and support all the way. And now that I'm 23, I still have my own decisions.

My point is freedom has been planted right to the very core of me. And anyone who would try to take that away from me...I can't just let them do that.

The very issue of my freedom is very complicated. Talking about that will not end in just a day. This blog is dedicated for my freedom.

I don't mean to offend anyone or to hurt anyone. If you know the real me...I am sincere and close to being truly honest. That's why I have created another blog. I want to express myself. Others may choose visual art but I know nothing about that...music can be an outlet but I only know the basic...writing...I'm not a prolific/or whatever you call it writer but I love writing. I have once read that writing can keep you free. And this keeps me free.


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