Too Much on My Mind

This is gonna be a long entry.
First, my cousin arrived last night. She is to get married here in the Philippines in our hometown's cathedral. I'm also excited. It's been years since I last saw her. Last night I was thinking and feeling excited and I vowed to myself that when my time comes when I'll be the one to go and work abroad I would make sure that my family and all of my relatives got to have pasalubong. I hope they will also feel excited to see me.
Anyway, this morning I looked out of our house and saw their (my cousin's) house. I saw her father leading everything about the renovation of their house in time for the wedding, which is to be held this May 7. Seeing him made me think of my father on how he wouldn't be there physically on my wedding day. He wouldn't be the one to manage the renovation, the food preparation, and he wouldn't be there to walk me down the aisle. Anyway, I would have my brother and my mother to walk me down the aisle on my wedding day. I knew he would be there in spirit. Because I know deep inside that he would be constantly guiding us. He wouldn't be able to see his apos. Oh, I miss my father so much.
Yesterday also I had a long day.
AM. I went to my work place to take the pharmacology exam but then I later found out that there was a new rule in taking the exam. There was a new sched. I had nothing to do so I went to Espana to meet Jhonna. We looked for some rooms for rent. We saw some good ones. We had lunch together and we all went to our workplace to take the exam.
PM. I took the exam. I definitely aced it! After that I went to see Kuya Ronald and asked him about some documents. I got to see the pics of his newborn baby. Could I say that I fell in love with his daughter. I volunteered to be her ninang. I would call her Zoe.
Night. I chatted on line with Mark. I missed him so much. Then I had dinner. I went to Quezon Avenue from SM Centerpoint. After that, I took an FX to Buendia, Taft. Then I took the bus to my hometown. After arriving in my hometown, I took a pedicab just to get home. Whew!
It was such a long day but it made me think of a lot of things. From my friend Kim to my observations of the whole Metro Manila. And now...


I have roamed the many streets of Metro Manila. In my six years of constant stay, it has been a big part of my mistakes and triumphs. I feel like I have different relationships with every area in this urban jungle.
Caloocan. A place where I seldom go. It was a stranger to me. I have no intention (yet) of knowing it. It's the "black sheep" of Metro Manila. That's how I see it.
Pasig. Still a stranger. But I would not mind knowing more of it. Maybe someday.
San Juan. Home of Greenhills and cheap cellphones. I was invited to go there but I declined.
Makati. Sophisticated. Office work. I could have been working there but I always got to have other options. Maybe I'll live there someday, who knows. Makati is progressive. It imposed discipline in me. It made me want to fit in with society. It had kept me alert. It was my challenger.
Marikina. Caring. Clean. Healthy. But it made me feel tired all the time. It was far from work. No water. Flooded when it was storming. But still, most of the tiring days had made me stronger. I learned more lessons on how to be independent. I learned how not to be materialistic. I learned how to be thankful to every blessings, big and small.
Quezon City. A constant stranger. A friend I would want to make as my best but I still couldn't get there and probably would not be able to. Showbiz and politics. The place I hate but secretly love. I always feel good travelling and passing through this area. The elite of the metro. I don't know why I see it that way. Ironically, this is where Mark grew up. I guess that's why I feel like I can't get enough of it.
Mandaluyong. I also like this place. I guess it's because of Euro-Med. Euro-Med has been so close to my heart. That place was old and scary. But I was attached to that place. Also, this is where Mega Mall is located. Mega Mall is my constant companion whenever I was scared, angry, sad, broke, rich.
Last but definitely not the least it Manila. I like Manila. It's my home in the metro. It isn't as sophisticated but it's the leader. This is where Malacanang, and all the other departments are located. People are worse. They tend to forget their morals but the whole of Manila forced me to be strong. To bear the pain. To never give up. The streets will always be flooded. Traffic will be heavy and slow. But I have to stay for a while.


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