Blues Clues

I've been really affected by couples that I know of. Here at work I have 2 friends. They met here and they fell in love with each other. At first it was just a game-- game that none of us who know them approve of. Then it came to the point that they were in too deep. Now they make their relationship legal. They have broken up with their respective beaus to be together. Good for them. But I couldn't help but feel bad because they have deceived both their exes first. They were so mean and immature. And though they have made their choice final. Well, that's their choice. Hopefully, that won't happen to me--eceived and two-timed. I'd rather know the truth right away. Don't ever break it to me gently.

Nothing much has been happening to me. I feel like God has forgotten His plans for me. I have long been waiting. Does He still care?

It's the time of the month when I am feeling so down.

I've watched Herbie Fully Loaded. Lindsay Lohan is still pretty and hot but in real life--she's not. I think she's going through a lot of pressures. I hate it when popular, blessed people can't get it together. I mean, she's really blessed and so talented. Oh well, I don't know Lindsay that much. I don't know her at all except for her movies and some gossips.

I feel so alone. I wish I were working right now so I could get my mind off my feelings. I'm off duty today. I'm thankful for this day because I was able to attend the mass--FINALLY!

There is still that pain in my heart. Pain that I need. When will my time come? Most of my friends are leaving the country. I am the only one to be left behind. I hate to be left behind. I'm glad for their good fortune. But when I think about myself-- am thinking if and why.

I'm taking a deep breath. Maybe later I would cry in my sleep. Tomorrow, I have to smile. I have to work. I have to face people. I need this pain. Really, I do. This will make me stronger.
I feel empty. I am praying for God to fill this emptiness.

Okay I feel much better.


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