Nothing Else Should Matter

People tend to laugh at you or to criticize you when they cannot understand you. You do understand them for reacting that way but you still got hurt. You cry, wipe the tears off your eyes, and go to the nearest shopping mall to shop. Life should go on. You should continue on your journey. It's okay to sometimes feel bad like the first time you learned about the awful truth. But this time no one should see you cry. Put on a mask.

Today I tried to buy my happiness. It worked. And though I know this won't be for long, I'm satisfied because I feel good about myself. Doing it for myself makes me feel that I am loving and pampering myself. The journey is still long but I know that I can get back my happiness along the way. Hopefully...sooner.

Life will always be beautiful.


tin said...

After the (love) storm, each one us eventually reaches a turning point, a time when you really dust yourself off and start all over. I had mine last week. He told me that he was turning his back on me, with much finality and conviction. It hurt like hell, but all that anger and pain, was the driving force to make me want to forget him asap.

Avoiding him and trying not to think abouthim is pretty much like holding my breath. It's possible, but only up to a certain extent. I just hope I don't miss him too much.

But I get by, and so will you. And by the way, I'm about to buy a dose of happiness on Monday, and give some of my hard-earned money to expecting vendors in Divi.

Life is beautiful. There are still a lot of things to be thankful for.

Take care. We can do this. =)

jassy said...

tnx tin!

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