I know deep in my heart that I am changing. That is why I am this lonely. Lonely as in forcing people to see me, using all kinds of excuses para lang makita ang mga taong gusto ko sanang mahalin ako...pero hindi pwede at ayaw nila. Nagiging kabaliwan na at kakornihan. I guess, those who have seen me do schemes feel sorry for me. Pathetic and lonely. But for me, I'm just allowing this loneliness to happen. After all, I'm believing that when that specific day has passed, I will fully let go of all that I can't have.

Hirap isipin at hirap ipaliwanag sa sarili ko, pero alam ko na after nun, magiging mas okay na ako. I'm not sure if I'll still be as lonely as today, but maybe I'll be more relieved, more grateful. Better things are on their way towards me. Feeling ko mas magiging masaya na ako.

Letting go of those I can't have...ibang klase pero gusto ko.


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