Inching Closer

Tomorrowmy cousin Jeng is gonna be married at my dream chapel--the FernandoAir Base Chapel where my parents got married. And tomorrow I am gonna be a bridesmaid.

I know tomorrow I will not be bitter seeing love come true for others and I know tomorrow I won't be dreaming of my own wedding. Tomorrow will just go smoothly and my focus will be on my cousin and how finally everything will be settled down. And I'm also hoping that no antagonist would come to ruin her wedding. We have to make sure of that. Oh I am just happy for my cousin. Congrats Jeng!

For the past few days I have always complaiuned of being lonely. Well I have been but you know what--I am happy being lonely. And I am happy being happy. So in conclusion, I am just happy with my life.

I am happy not pretending whether I feel happy or lonely. I am happy just right now. I am happy because I was able to get my GSIS e-card. I was able to suppress another series of binge-ing. I was able to talk with Apollo without losing my composure. I was able to tell someone to go f*c* himself. And tomorrow I will get to be a bridesmaid again. I thought that my last woould be Ate Gina's last May but life is unpredictable...look at me now, bridesmaid material and more confident with myself. Better things will now come my way.


Alone walking
I slipped and fell
Not noticing the hump
on theway

I couldn't get up

Naiiyak na ako...
Kung kasama sana kita
May magsasabi...

My humps
My humps
My humps
Check it out!

Minsan talaga slow ako, actually madalas pero iyang text na yan, kanina ko lang na-gets yang joke na yan. Hehe...


I was included in the list of Clinical passer in our department. And I would have to attend the interview on the 18th. I am still reluctant and I am not really hoping but I am just glad because I passed the exam. It's just a simple exam but my hopes are getting up because of the result.


tin said...

by now, you're probably walking down the aisle in your bestest bridesmaid best. best wishes to your cousin!

and congrats for passing the exam! =)

p.s. i couldn't help but dream about finding the one, but now that there is someone out there willing to get to know me better, i get a little scared and confused whether i am ready already.

as i write, i don't think i'm ready to brave through the whole love cycle once again. i think it's good to enjoy singlehood. =)

yayam said...

congratulations jassy! :)

tagal ko nang di nakakaattend ng weddings..but speaking bout weddings, cant wait to get married!! wahaaha! but id also like to enjoy my singlehood first! :D

Lica said...

wow...post ka naman ng pic sa bridesmaid outfit mo! woohoo! Good to know youre feeling better bout yourself.

and that txt message...it never fails to make me laugh kahit overused na hehehehe

para saan ang exam na kinuha mo? :)

russ.â„¢ said...

hi jassy!ü
you'll have your time sweetie and it will the happiest.. the best.. most probably what you've dreamt of. i miss going to weddings. hehe.

pobs said...

wahahah natawa ko sa jOke..kala ko serious nun una eh! bleheheh

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