Never Ending Lessons

I attended my first seminar. Today. It was held at Manila Hotel. The topics were about Hospital Pharmacy: Issues and Concerns and Ecopharmacology: Concerning Pharmacy (?). I was glad because I saw my co-pharmacists from my former company. It was really nice seeing them.

I've been away from the blogging world and from the computer literally because of two reasons:

I am on a tight budget.
I lack the time.

But here I am...I'm just addicted to the cyberworld that I have to stop by now.

I'm also thinking about a lot of things. I couldn't even write about all of those. I choose to sleep instead of writing and analyzing them. But just to let you know, everyday I am learning how to love myself. How to think about myself. How to face the consequences of my actions. How to seek for God's guidance. These things are easier said than done but I am getting the hang of them.

I know a lot of people don't approve of my decisions now but I can feel in my heart that I can face the consequences of my actions although I know that it's gonna be hard. As long as there is love, as long as there is God at the center, then everything is for the best.

I often question God's reasons but I just have to trust in Him. And if ever I've done the wrong move I just hope that He will forgive me.


I miss Lipa. I haven't gone home for a month now. I miss my mother and my siblings. I miss watching tv and just being idle. But I have my principles and I have to learn things now. Things will be easier anytime now.


At 24, I can say that my trials are far harder than others older than me. These older ones choose to come to me. Does it mean that I am stronger? I don't think so. I am weak but I have a strong God.


I used to be judgemental over certain actions and decisions but not anymore. I now understand people who choose these actions and decisions better. Others may judge me now. I am not afraid. It doesn't matter anymore.


I don't ever want to hurt others. But I think it is not possible.


Yeah, it's better to have a friend than be alone. But we have to learn how to stand on our own so we can still live on our own. Friends won't always be there for you. But when God let you have a friend, go on cherish the friendship.


Everyone can change for the better. It just takes one person (that he/she will meet along the way) to believe that he/she can change. My role in life is to be that person people meet who encourages and pinpoints his/her potential. I am thankful for that.


I am an honest person.


Valentine's ko? Straight duty ako pero I gladly spent vday morning with my special someone. Eto kami!

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I am a risk taker. And I am not regretting the choices I've made. These are all for the glory of God.


Anonymous said...

hi jassy!Ü
at the end of the day... or better yet, as you start your day, it's always nice to have that special someone with you. right? regardless of how much time you spent at work, etc. i wish you the best!

happy weekend,

tin said...

i think that you are happy and content with your choices right now. we're just here to back you up! =)

good luck and have more smiles! =)

pobs said...

i'm happy to read ur entries of how much you believe in HIM..

that will surely keep you stronger and ofcourse, happy!

yayam said...

good for you jassy! i know that every single post you write nourishes your heart and soul. keep blogging! :D

yen said...

wow may special someone na cia,,. aaawww.. thats good to hear.. and keep on trusting the Lord.. tc.

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