when changes happen

Most of the time we have a hard time dealing with the changes that the people around us are going through. We often go through the process of hating that person first, thus hurting that person in the process, but in the end, it's almost always that we would get to accept that person again thus loving him/her even more.

They are in the process of hating me. I need to pray about it because I'm having a hard time dealing with the reaction of the people around me. I know that they only want the best for me but it is sometimes hard to decide. How can I be happy when they are not happy? How can I rejoice with their loneliness? But in the end, I know that it will still be up to me. This is my happiness I'm dealing with.

I need some time alone. And what is the hardest is finding that time.

Maybe what I needed the most is talking with my mother. I just want to hear what she's going to say I don't care about the others.

I am sad and confused again. I hope I'll get out of this happy.
I am lost. Again, I don't know who I am now.


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