It's my first time to cry in front of my boss yesterday. She was asking for my explanation on why I cancelled my commitment in joining the outing. I told her my reason but she wouldn't believe me. I have been broke for some time now and I have to really cut on some expenses. I hate it when I'm feeling so low and I'm telling the truth and instead of listening and trying to understand my situation, someone wouldn't believe me. I cried out of frustration and anger. I was telling her the truth. And she did try to help me but she made sure that I pay for it. She gave me a very ugly sched--5 working days, one off then 5 working days. Plus, I will be working on Holy Week.

And after the trouble I've been through yesterday, I receive my salary a day earlier--earlier than what I've been expecting.

This just shows that I'm not meant to join them in the outing. And that my boss really loves to hate me. And after thinking about it, it's really hard to give my trust to someone who doesn't beieve in me.

But it's okay. I know that there is a reason why these things happened. And despite the words and actions she gave me, I still feel happy. I still know my blessings. I can still feel God's love.

Next month I might be assigned in a different area. It's about time. I'm expecting it to be better.


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