Some Things to Smile About

Say something nice about the sites and their owner that you've linked. How did you get to their site. What you like about their site or about them. I encourage everyone to do this, too. To those who will read about them here, I don't mean to offend you in any way (if in case you are offended). The following are just my opinions. And everything that you will read are seen positively by me. No harm meant.

I just want to make it clear that everyone I've linked here are either good-looking, interesting, or cool. I am not a lesbian so don't worry about me thinking you're pretty or beautiful. It's just an honest appreciation of beauty. And I just have deep respect to anyone who care to share themselves to others. So to everyone who has been actively blogging, THANK YOU because I am learning a lot from what you are sharing to the worldwideweb.

Abbie: http://abbieunreal.blogspot.com

  • i got to her site thru russ.
  • she's beautiful based on the pictures on her layout. so i read on her blog.
  • i found out that she's not only pretty but she also has a strong personality.
  • she is confident.
  • her friday gimmicks with friends
  • stories about her trip and work

Abbie: http://queengambit.blogspot.com

  • got to her thru snuffie.
  • she's really a writer.
  • intelligent
  • unique facts about her on her sidebar
  • i like the way she writes.
  • i like her "bitchy" take on life.
  • strong personality
  • it's like "what abbie wants, abbie gets..."

Acey: http://superace.blogspot.com

  • kind
  • idealistic
  • i like her layout and the butterfly that flies around her site
  • her heroes

Ala: http://ala-ism.pansitan.net

  • TV personality
  • a very good writer, she writes vividly.
  • very artistic...talented in music, art, literature
  • i am always learning from what she writes about
  • funny
  • i like how she never wastes her talents

Alla: http://alla.scrufus.net

  • one of the first two blogs I've read and loved.
  • i like the expressions she's using...
  • she doesn't write about her philosophies, she won't argue or give a sermon. she just writes down about her experiences.
  • she's pretty, too.
  • she's from UP.

Bhelayskie: http://prinsestar.blogspot.com

  • she's pretty
  • i like the color of her site
  • she's nice
  • still young...what's it like to be young and pretty and in highschool?
  • music lover

Bulalakaw: http://bulalakaw.blogdrive.com

  • he's from Dubai.
  • i like his stories about his family and his daughter.
  • he's not blogging anymore...too bad!

Camille: http://camsprats.multiply.com

  • TV personality
  • fan niya ako
  • I look like her kase when I was young...hehe...


  • batchmate and schoolmate
  • i like her thoughts and stories
  • reviews--movies and books
  • stories about work

Cathy: http://no-angel.blogdrive.com

  • got to her site thru Alla
  • I like her site, the navigation and design
  • she's also nice and real.
  • she's also from UP

Ciara: http://ciaring.blogspot.com

  • got to her site thru russ
  • i like the style and design of her site
  • her stories are real about life and work
  • i like her movie reviews
  • she's often mistaken to be ciara sotto...hehe...

Cheenee: http://princessacheenee.blogspot.com

  • i like her many layouts
  • i like her take on life because it is geared towards the love of God
  • stories about her friends, family, ACIL, her studies
  • she's from Ateneo--I have deep respect for Ateneans.
  • her smile
  • her photoshop abilities
  • she's a princess...:)

Kai: http://blenched.blogspot.com

  • one of my latest links
  • i like her layout
  • her stories
  • she's a filipina by heart...:)
  • one of my favorite blogger

Kaye: http://kaye92.blogdrive.com

  • one of the first two blogs I've encountered, read, and loved (the other one is Alla's)
  • this blog inspired me to start my own
  • known her from school--UP
  • orgmate and classmate (irregular ako eh)
  • i dig her stories about UP Pharm (I can really relate) and her UST Med life...med student wannabe kase ako.
  • a very good writer
  • artistic and fashionista
  • intelligent

Em: http://thymolblue.blogdrive.com

  • known her from school
  • orgmate and classmate
  • blockmate ni Kaye
  • she can be nice
  • she can be bitchy
  • i like her many opinions on life
  • she's also smart and pretty.

Chocoholicprincess: http://www.xanga.com/chocoholicprincess

  • blog of Bubbles Paraiso
  • TV personality
  • she's nice
  • pretty
  • loves shopping...get so many tips from her

Deb: http://summerbliss21.blogspot.com

  • love her layout now
  • it's like the layout for someone who has mature gracefully
  • i like her views on life and the lessons that she has learned
  • it's really nice reading her posts.

Shai: http://sassychique.tk

  • like her layouts--pink, cute
  • nice and friendly
  • she rested for a while from blogger but it's good that she's back!

FJL: http://fjlathome.blogspot.com

  • got to her site thru janeca
  • lots of information about literature and UK
  • nice layout
  • love reading her posts

Hanagirl: http://hanagirl.blogspot.com

  • a great dancer
  • she's also pretty
  • i like her stories about her life and work and about her business
  • this is how 30something women should be--graceful and passionate...
  • like her layouts

Hanmae: http://hanmae.pinaychiq.com/wp

  • like her layout
  • the navigations
  • she's from cebu!

Ingrid: http://www.xanga.com/fallenbutflying

  • a model
  • got to her site thru ala
  • fallen but flying
  • a Filipino by heart
  • learn a lot from her about the many places of Europe
  • friends and family matters
  • also like her xanga friends--smoothalize and mi_ca

Ivy: http://ivygurlalush.blogspot.com

  • a nurse
  • her layouts
  • she's also nice and friendly but she doesn't update her blog anymore

KC: http://kooki.multiply.com

  • TV personality
  • pretty
  • nice...really...she is...
  • many pictures

Janeca: http://www.sidewinding.blogspot.com

  • got to her site thru snuffie
  • a very good writer
  • figurative narration about life
  • her way of using euphemisms
  • her layout...i like it better now
  • her style of writing
  • she's one of my favorite blogger

Lhei: http://bawalangmalungkot.blogspot.com

  • personal friend
  • I encouraged her to blog but she stopped updating.

Lica: http://www.magicpurple.com

  • she's pretty
  • i like her layouts
  • she's a nursing student just like my brother
  • she's also funny.
  • i always check her blog

Maan: http://pagemaster21.blogspot.com

  • i like the stuff written on her "Interesting" corner
  • analysis of life
  • studious

Micster: http://micster.pansitan.net

  • her layout
  • got to her site thru pansitan.net

Naomi: http://www.naomituazon.com

  • her strong personality
  • her crazy, funny stories
  • a nurse
  • she's in canada
  • i like her layout
  • natutuwa ako palaging magbasa ng mga sinusulat niya parang palagi akong may natututunan kung paano maging astig

Queenz: http://queenz.4t.com

  • her layout
  • the music
  • her stories...nursing and her family
  • i like her little fonts

Ria: http://riadenaga.blogspot.com

  • the music...it's scary...it's like from a scary fairy tale
  • the stars that twinkle in her site

Pobs: http://pobs.blogdrive.com

  • she's from Dubai
  • she's nice and friendly
  • i like "Why the wedding ring should be put on the fourth finger?"
  • and also the "trials or blessings"
  • she's also one of those wonderful people that somehow made me feel better during those times that I was still getting over my previous relationship

RoniBats: www.ronibats.com

  • he's from UP at UP med pa
  • I've been seeing him around UP (nasa loob ng UP ang workplace ko)
  • genius
  • quite good-looking hehe
  • fan siya ng Hale (good choice)
  • fan din siya ng Googoo Dolls (pareho kami)
  • I love reading about his experience in Finland. Sa kanya ko nalaman ito:

Weirdo nga pala ang araw dito. Dahil spring, sumisikat ang araw ng
alas-kwatro, at lumulubog ng alas-onse ng gabi! Oo, noong unang linggo ko dito,
gusto kong hatakin ang araw. Parang-awa mo na, lumubog ka na, gusto ko nang
matulog. At magigising ako na ang taas-taas ng araw, akala ko late na ako sa
eskwela, pero pagtingin ko sa relo, alas-singko pa lang.

Russ: http://superwonderwomanruss.blogspot.com

  • very nice person and layout
  • a smart and observant writer
  • poetic in her description
  • a happy person
  • so blessed with life
  • nice and neat
  • she has perfect skin based on her pics
  • she's one of my favorite blogger

Sangi: http://www.crazysangigurl.blogspot.com

  • friendly
  • her funny posts
  • call center and Davao
  • her love for her nieces and nephews

Tin: http://beachytin.blogspot.com

  • schoolmate nung highschool
  • like her writing style
  • her views on life
  • she helped me cope with life after that breakup
  • she likes beaches
  • a role model

Trizprototype: http://www.xanga.com/trizprototype

  • got to her site thru chocoholicprincess
  • she's pretty and she leads a glamorous life
  • learning a lot about fashion
  • she's from la salle

Vanessa: http://vcaroline.blogspot.com

  • she's from sweden
  • she's also nice

Yayam: http://theyakkingmachine.blogspot.com

  • she's like her sister cheenee when it comes to her views on life, family, and God
  • i like her funny stories in school especially the story of that boy and the prom
  • her photoshop abilities--funky, cool
  • pictures
  • learning from her about gadgets and cool sites
  • she's nice
  • i like her smile

Yen: http://yen.splitsys.com

  • i like her stories
  • she can be nice and bitchy
  • it took me a while to realize where she lives--Qatar
  • kapitbahay ng school ko nung college ang school niya nung college


janeca said...

Hey! Thank you so much. :)

CaRL said...

Thanks for putting me in. By the way, I got a new site. You can link it here: iheartmyflipflops.blogspot.com

see u there!

Kai said...

Ow, that was really sweet of you. Thank you!

Debbie said...

thank you for all the positive things you've said about me and your fellow bloggers. this is how everything should be in the net and in the outside world. if we could just see the good in people all the time then the world will be such a happy place to live in. thanks for taking the initiative in doing so. i think i would want to do something like this too, to make my friends online know that they're appreciated.

take care jassy..have a great weekend

thinz said...

that's so thoughtful of you nman, to do all that.. i'm just dropping by.. take care

Anonymous said...

Bless you Jassy.Ü Indeed, this post is a smile-maker, thank you sooo much! Have a good one today.


beissirissa said...

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