Music touches my heart

I am currently listening to the music that touches my heart.

Another layout. The image shows of tablets and capsules. That is because I am a pharmacist and right now my world revolves around medicines--work, work, work. I am not complaining though.

Speaking of work, life in my workplace has become more exciting just like the 2nd, 3rd seasons of my favorite medical series. In one area, one patient has a gushing/squirting blood from her cancerous breast. Everyone who saw it panicked. Of course, who wouldn't? But the funny thing was, the patient and her watcher weren't affected at all, like it was an everyday occurrence.

In another area, one mother brought her skin-stapled daughter with a very weird nose--I'm sorry but she really looked like a clown--her nose was really round and big. And her head was stapled showing a headband effect. The kid was cheerful. And just by looking at her smiling face, I could never really get mad at her persistent mother. She, the kid, was an angel with a weird face.

I just realized that a year ago I was travelling back and forth from Marikina to Manila and Manila to Marikina. My Aunt Lagreng died a year ago and all of us stayed at their house in Marikina. I was also so depressed because I was still trying to get over my ex. I remembered running after him then, trying to call him every once in a while, asking for another chance. Asking/begging him to love me again. Last year was really hard for me. But this year is definitely better. My Aunt's death anniversary was held at our house. My relatives cooperated with the preparation. But no family was perfect so there were some issues. Anyway, I was really glad that our plan pushed through.

And I am definitely over my ex.

I am thankful. I feel glad.


fjl said...

I love that! So funny! Sorry but she looked like a clown.


Like me then.

yen said...

haha naimagine ko naman ung batang un.. mukang clown na bata pa lang hehe...

and im glad that ure finally over him.. time really heal all wounds, naniniwala ako jan.. kasi ako im soooo over them.. asin lahat ng ex ko.. it's all in the past at hindi na kelangn balikan pa.

queenz said...

was that from House? ^_^
anyways, its tough getting over someone.. Im glad that you're having a better year and that you're finally over him.

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