Guess What

I am here trying to find the definition of DSL, USB and other techie stuff because I am trying to be a technical support representative. I am just trying it out--see if it works. Hopefully I will pass it.

Anyway, yesterday was Raymond's 28th birthday and we held a party for him. It was supposed to be a simple party but it ended beautifully. He was really touched because my relatives were all there to help out with the preparation considering he was not really our "relative" yet.

Spending time at the church, hearing mass with him, preparing food and drinks, they are all sweet. I was glad the party became successful--it's all because of God's kindness and grace.

God is always giving me udeserved grace. And I am thankful for that. I just hope I will be always to make Him smile.


shai said...

that is sooo sweet Jassy..hmmm

and sang company ka nagaapply?

fjl said...

That was lovely x

yen said...

mag change field ka na sis????

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