The Past

I've been really busy for the past few days...anyway, have you watched last Saturday's expulsion night at pda? I just realized that filipinos can't be left alone to decide for themselves as far as talent is concern. I just can't believe how Yvan was expelled. He knows how to play musical instruments, he can compose songs and he has a great voice. He is also quite good-looking. How can he be expelled? I was expecting Ronnie, Chad, and Irish to be expelled because they have little talents as compared to others but since they look good, they are still in the academy. Oh well, I know that with Yvan's talent, I will still see him on tv and hear him over the radio.

Sportsfest has come and go. Our team did not become the champion.

Nanay Metring's birthday was okay. we had a party. For the first time, I took a shot with Raymond around. And evrywhere I went, it seemed like people kept on discouraging me. Like my aunt seeing me do belly dancing and she told me that I could never be sexy--that I would be fat forever. And then a family friend came to the party and when she saw me she commented that I gained a lot of weight (tumaba ka yata)...people...

Everyone is just expecting me to fail. But I won't give up. I even wonder how they can be mean. I still know who I am. They can discourage me all they want, but I know that God has great plans for me. I will never give up.


ciaring said...

one fo the best things in life is accomplishing something you love when everyone around you says you cant.

i have your back :)

HanAgiRL said...

That's what I don't like about those talents search shows which leave the decisions to the masses via text votes. The more talented ones get to go first. :(

jamie said...

dont let 'em get you down... just keep working your ass of til u reach your goals.... go for gold girl! missed yah...

and yeah... it's beginning to look a lot like christmas... *christmas cheer from me to you*


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