Sharing an Umbrella on a Stormy Night

I'm back.

Last Thursday, people from work and I went to the gay bar. It was a traumatic experience but it was fun. I won't go into details because most of the stuff I've seen there are for adults only. Hehe...

But before going there, we hung out at Off the Grill. Pido was playing that night. And oh my, his voice made me fall to whomever my heart beated for that night.

It's nice to spend time with the people from work.

I could not help but feel lucky because during that time, typhoon Reming passed by Bicol and Batangas. Although it didn't cause any casualty at Batangas, Bicol had so many deaths now. Houses ruined, life shattered. It's really hard to understand why those tragedies happened. But then it's just part of nature's ways. Nature never forgives. Nature does whatever it likes. And it is a miracle that Manila is spared this time--while we were out in our selfish voyage. While others were having a hell time, we were having a good time. I feel a little guilty. Anyway, life is a balance. And I have enough shit in my life, it couldn't fit the toilet anymore. :)

It's only now also that I get to miss someone.

It's December already, I hope the Christmas spirit enters your heart. I suggest you wtach Deck the Hall--it's a good Christmas movie.


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