Because I had to attend to some of my responsibilites, I stopped being a blogger for a while. Aside from that, I also got curious causing me to tinker with XML codes. I didn't expect it to be messy and though my site is still a mess, it's better than yesterday.

summer heat has come at its peak. Salty air surrounds the whole Manila which makes the environment even more humid and hot. This kind of heat made me irritated and itchy. If this condition made me feel this way, what more could my brother feel. This is one of thoae moments that I feel awful because people I love do not feel okay. But I'm glad because he's taking steps to take care of himself.

These past few weeks, I often hear negative things about me coming from the people closest to me. So I guess, what they've said are quite true. They may think that I am unaware of myself but the truth is I am so much aware of myself. I know my weaknesses and though I know they mean well, it somethimes hurt to hear those comments.

It's official. I am again venturing in my future. I am hoping for the best.


THINZ said...

goodluck with everything :) i've been hearing na it's too hot nga there in manila... stay na lang sa mall para malamig :) heheheh.. ingat!

jassy said...


That's exactly what I'm doing...hehe

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