I heard a wonderful news and you know instead of jumping for joy--I cried. I've suffered from lost of disappointments over the past year and I just couldn't believe that something good can happen in my life. I mean I just think that the world hates me not to give me what I want but took pity on me by giving me what I need. I have everything I need but I can't seem to have what I want. And that wonderful news is one of those wants in my life.

I won't believe it until it happens.

Anyway, have you seen Beyonce and Shakira's music video? They're both great in there and I like them both. Hip-shakers! And oh I tried doing my own dance (if you can call that a dance) and glad to say I can still do it. I am encouraged. I guess there is still hope for me.

There are lots of good music nowadays, mostly hip hop. Hehe... I still love rock and the lyrics of it but right now I just need a music to keep me going to achieve what I want.

Anyway, I come across a show in INK (Japanese station) and art and circus were tackled there. Circus tricks are incorporated in plays and other artistic show in US, Japan, France. I don't really understand the whole documentary because it's in Japanese but I had ideas through pictures and some English interviews. I hope I can watch one of those.


Kai said...

Oh yeah!! Their video kicked ass. It was so sexy! Especially in that part where they were leaning against the wall doing the belly worm or something? Haha, it was some music video. :))

monch said...

Hi Jassy! Good luck with the wonderful news and I'm sure it'll happen! :)

Ooh that's one sexy video with Beyonce & Shakira!

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