Before the 14th

I saw Robeth yesterday. Just a few inches away. I could touch him but doing so could mean trouble. Kase baka isipin niya na nababaliw na ako. Robeth was an old major crush in college. He was not as tall as I remember kase naman whenever he would pass by the corridor I was always sitting on the floor so he looked like a giant then.

Anyway, election day is fast approaching. And I really hope that VILMA SANTOS-RECTO will win as governor in our province. I don't want any more services from our incumbent governor.

Last, last presidential election, I really despised Erap. I hoped he would not win but he did. I did not want him to win because it would just mean trouble. I wanted Renato de Villa to win that time because I really thought that he would make a good president. Decisive, manly, respectable. And he was from our province, too. But Erap won, and the jueteng scandal came. He was ousted. I felt guilty for taking part in the rally to oust Erap. Because later, I would realize that he was a much better president than GMA.

Then another presidential election came. I hoped GMA would not win because there was the threat that she would try to change the government into parliamentary. And as far as I know, democracy would be gone. And I did not want anyone to take away my freedom. But majority of the educated fools voted for her. I wanted Ping Lacson to win because he was the best candidate for me. I don't think he would try to change the constitution. But he wasn't that lucky.

Yes, our country has been progressing as far the rate of dollar against peso is concerned. But looking closer, our country has become the worst--we are the most corrupt country in the world. Isn't that a shame? And more and more people are having a broken home because more and more people are working outside the country. More and more people are committing crimes because of poverty. Crimes are never resolved. It's like the lives of the Filipinos are not worthy--are not valuable to be protected. The government does not pay attention to agriculture--allowing land-owners to convert their vast land into golf course, villages instead of trying to develop our agriculture. Government hospitals are closing up because the government preferred to give budget to the military instead of health. The people are becoming more corrupt. And they say majority of the Filipinos are Christians.

I just hope that the next leader will put first the welfare of the country. So vote wisely!


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