Can't Get You Out of My Head

It's sometimes nice to be focused but sometimes it hurts--especially when I am into something and for some reason, I can't get what I want. Like now for instance, Kaye, a good friend of mine told me of her plan 350 sun cellular and I've been thinking of buying a sun sim because it's expensive to go unlitxt in globe. that plan 350 would have been perfect because it comes with a phone--there are few cool phones to choose from. And so after going to quezon city this morning i went to the nearest sun shop and asked for requirements. But the requirements are hard to collect because I don't have a proof of billing. I don't pay electricity, water, phone because I'm just renting some space here in the metro. My Mom is still the breadwinner of the family. And I don't collect my payslips so I still have to wait another month for that. And I want that sony ericsson phone now! Argh!

Anyway, I passed by my workplace this afternoon and maybe I am just being sensitive but I hinted aloofness/coldness in their actions. Oh well, trabaho lang...walang personalan.

Oh well, today I've been a victim of several rudeness. I couldn't help but gave the driver the dirty finger because as I was opening the back door of the fx, he sped away. Good thing I wasn't hurt. I got back at them by calling out another fx and then refused to ride. But karma was fast because when I finally decided to ride an fx, the backseat was broken causing my legs to get crampy. And I waited for several hours at GSIS without standing up, without going to the cr, I was just sitting there. And after that I couldn't find a nearest restroom. I was on the verge of crying but then as I was crossing the QC Circle, one man was nice enough to help me cross the street. He guided me. I thought he was going to ask for payment but a simple thank you was enough for him. That was nice. Galing naman, kung sino pa yung inakala kong manloloko, siya pa palang tutulong sa akin. At yung mga taong akala ko hindi ako ib-betray, niloko ako. Anyway, God still loves me. I may be going thorugh a rough time right now but according to an article I've read, a wise person is someone who is open to things or changes that will make him/her a better person. So this will be a great challenege for me--to be nicer. If I can do this, trhen I can do everything elese.

Anyway, I also went to Megamall to taste thedoughnuts of Krispy Kreme. I entered the store looking haggard carrying an iced coffee. I knew they were thinking I was weird because of the way they look at me. But then I don't know because one of the crew there ( a cute guy...hehe...) gave me a donut--compliments of whoever...di ko na narinig masyado kase nahihiya ako. Para bang kinaawaan ang lagay na yun. But the doughnut he gave me was fine. I loved it. Ganun din yung madalas na binibigay sa amin ng Santuario but the difference was malamig na yung doughnut ng Santuario eh yun bagong luto kaya ang sarap. But I think Go Nuts and Krispy Kreme taste the same. So okay na yun. BUt still, there is something about that doughnut the crew gave me--sarap talaga. I take it back, Krispy Kreme is better. :)

Ibang klase talaga yang phone na yan, sa sobrang pagkagusto ko nun until now hindi pa ako nagugutom. Parang ayokong kumain. Only one thing can make me feel this way--kapag in love ako and the person I love does not like me back (pero pinaasa ako).

Anyway, I hope to live some more so I can enjoy that phone that i will soon have. :)


JAMIE said...

sabi ng friends ko okay daw sun mas mura... totoo ba?! naguupdate ka pa pala dito sis.. akala ko sa multiply ka na rin hehe... sorry di ko nabibisita ha dame kong namiss...

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