It's only now that I have learned that Omeprazole has the same healing effect as esomeprazole. I also learned about the use of Ranitidine 300 on Nocturnal acid breakthrough.

It really is an advantage to attend journal clubs, product presentation, and seminars. And while the speaker was triumphantly convincing me about their products, I said to myself for the very first time that I love my work. And I don't think I will be satisfied with any other job in pharmacy. Hospital pharmacy is really the best if you want to reach out to people. i may be a difficult pharmacist when it comes to my attitude towards equally difficult customers but I am trying to change that. It just feels great knowing that a patient is able to acquire medicines for is/her illness and hopefully they get better.

I also remembered all those times that i am pressured at work and how God finally answered my prayers and put me in an area where there is a different kind of pressure.

I guess it's really true that your life is what your thoughts make it. From now on, I will only think of all the positive things that can and will happen in my life.


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