What's the Difference Between...

Risking love that could kill you. The love that you know right from the start is no good. It's like committing suicide. Loving that someone is running like crazy, feeling the wind against your skin, then jumping off a cliff--flying for awhile, then hitting bottom head first. You know you just died, but the next day, you're surprised to see youself in the hospital connected to tubings and machines--still breathing but with so much pain that morphine can't seem to cure. But still you realize that life gives you another chance.

And risking love that means slowly dying from a chronic disease. Finally getting the love you've been looking for--that gentle, true love. It's almost too good to be true BUT...you know you're in for another round of heartaches. But instead of jumping off a cliff, you are dancing to the beat of life with its slow rhythmic music, that only the soul can understand, where fate and destiny resides, where love finally is home. You know you could die any moment now but it's okay.

There's no difference.

You will still get hurt but you don't mind the pain, because loving is worth it.


acey said...

awww, it must be hard after a heartache... i hope you will not get hurt again, ate jassy. you deserve the best in love and life. :)

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