And they wave goodbye...

As I looked back at the island, I looked up the hill and saw the trees shaped like they are waving...the island surely gave me something to remember.

I was having second thoughts if I should go to the anniversary event of E's mountaineering club. I had manny issues like no bathroom, comfort room and no water--how would I survive? And it was the first time that I would be with his group.

I was really seriously thinking of not going that even in my dream, I was thinking whether to join or not. But as soon as I woke up, my body had a mind of its own. I found myself preparing my clothes, I went inside the bathroom with a hint of excitement. And that was when I finally told myself that I would be going with them.

The meeting time was 7am and since I'm so used to this time, it was not hard for me. I even knew how to make my stomach/digestion behave. And so I boarded the bus just in time. We were the last to arrive though but that was okay. We sat at the back along with the huge bags mountaineers use.

The trip to Zambales was long and I just slept most of the time. Then I received a message from my boss instructing us what to do because the mother of one of our fellow pharmacists passed away eh karelyebo ko siya so my sched was affected. But I told them that I was in Zambales and I would be there until Sunday. She couldn't do anything about it naman so she just requested me to be at work on Monday.

We finally arrived in Pundaquit. We ate lunch. it rained so we waited for a while until the boatmen asked us to load our bags in the boat. We were the second to leave, me, E, Fr. Richie and guest. Kaskasero si Manong ang bilis magpatakbo. We arrived in less than 5 minutes but the waves were really big that I just closed my eyes so I wouldn't see them. E asked me to shout it out but I couldn't so he just held my hand. Sweet ng taong yun=)

I was the last one to leave the boat because my knees were shaking. The island was okay. I couldn't really appreciate it because I was thinking of the lack of cr and water and the waves. I did not plan on swimming. i was just there because of E's request.

The next day, M. Nona informed us that the boatmen wouldn't be able to fetch us on time because of the big waves--even bigger and stronger than before. It was also very windy and with the looks of it, I didn't think it could get any better. So I was telling myself that we wouldn't go home that day. I sent messages to my co-pharmacists asking them to go on duty for me. But i didn't think they believed me--that we were stranded on that island.

Finally, one of them thought of a way to get to the boat. She suggested to swim towards the boat. We would have to wear a life vest, then tie the rope around our body, they have a term for this kind of knot...I forgot...E taught me how to do that kind of knot...then we would have to hold on to the salbabida then the bangkero would pull us to the boat. the thought of that scared me. I hated the feel of cold water on my feet not knowing if there were any sharks or other dangerous species under.

But then, the Camara boys came and thought of other ways. They helped us carry our bags. Then our boys got in position around the stone curve and helped the girls to go to the other side of the island. Kelangan kaming tumakbo kapag palayo pa lang ang alon. I ran. Then after arriving to the other of the Camara boys asked me to crawl between two stones like a soldier. I did that. Kala ko di ako kasya dun sa bato, buti na lang at nagkasya kami. Tapos kelangan kong akyatyin yung bato para makarating sa kabilang side kung saan andun ang mga bangkang naghihintay sa amin. E was behind me all the way. Bayanihan style sa pagdadala ng mga bag.

The next was getting on the boat. The trick is to ride and go out fast. Eh ang bigat ko--di ako basta nakasakay ng bangka. Several people had to help me. Nakakahiya. Then ayun we finally arrived to the main land, washed up and left. We had no stopover for dinner so we were tired, hungry, but very, very grateful.

But don't think that I never enjoyed my time on the island. I did. I was able to learn more about the members of the mounteering club...especially Fr...

Fr was asked to bless the food during lunch...

Fr: Dear Lord, thank you. In the name of...

Sobrang iksi...parang gutom na gutom na...hehe...Kaya siguro kami nastranded...hehe=)

When the boatsmen arrived...

Fr: Dahil ako ang pari, ako ang mauuna...

When it was my turn to run to the other side...

Fr: Takbo na!

Bangkero: Mamaya...

Fr: Takbo na...

Bangkero: Mamaya...

Ano ba talaga kuya?!

Yung iba dahil wala ng magawa, nagtantsing na lang using the stones...nag-"piatos" din sila...yung gagawa ka ng kwento na kunwaring pinaguusapan ng ibang tao sa isla...Nagrapelling din sila habang may malalaking alon sa ibaba...dun nawala ang shades ni E kase natabunan siya ng alon. Natanggal nga lang yung ground sheet na tumutulong para di kumiskis yung tali kaya tinigil na nila ang rapelling.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Sa ganitong oras mo malalaman ang mga totoo mong kaibigan...thank you angels...friends ko talaga kayo...and to those least I know
  2. We all learn how to survive and cope and even a fatso like me can run with the help of adrenaline
  3. God is really powerful.
  4. The sea is mysterious. The island is mysterious. We have to respect them.
  5. We have to respect everyone.
  6. Lalo akong na-inlove kay E.

Btw, nognog na ako. Nagpapanit-balat na ako ngayon.
So babalik pa ba ako sa Camara o hindi? Syempre babalik!


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