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I had a nice conversation with Maan yesterday. She was not toxic and so was I. I was waiting for 430pm at the pantry. She went there out of boredom. And we talked about TV.

TV is a very good way of saving up. I've been living in Manila for several years now and I always buy my food outside. I don't spend much time inside the boarding house because I don't have anything to do there and my landlady is so strict. So I roam the mall to kill time, have my dinner there. I will go home at night with a sore body from walking too much--stress from work and walking at the mall. As compared when I'm at home in Lipa, I can just stay inside our house for as long as my off duty. I am contented. I just ask my siblings to buy me Coke and for 36 bucks, I can share it with the whole family. I can eat whatever is on the table I don't have to think what to eat. I'm not really choosy when I'm at home--fried egg (as long as it's sunny side up) is fine by me.

Now I'm thinking. I want to save up. I don't really want to kill time at the mall anymore. I want to move up.


r u s s™ said...

Parang it's okay lang din to hit the mall and kill time. You could walk and walk and walk and walk and burn caloreis :D

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