Does it die with age?

Idealism is for the young. Is that true? Young people has this beautiful view about the world--about their society. But as they grow older they realize that it's not all that. A lot of the idealists I know has now join the other side.

But I know someone who is still continuing on. Despite the discouragement she gets from others--especially he own family, she still fights for the greater good. And I admire her for that. She is such a visionary. I hope something good comes out of this fight.

Service is service it is never profit. If not, then don't ruin the country. This is for those who want to ruin the country.


Russ said...

I ♥ this post Jassy! I'd like to think that it doesn't but it seems that it really does. As we grow older, we see much of the world's cruelty and other bad things. In the process, we lose idealism BUT I think it's something that will always be in us. Nothing wrong with, we just have to know when and how to snap back to reality.

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