E and I like to discuss about God. This is one of those topics and I'm sharing it with you.=)

In the kingdom of heaven, a group of angels got together for a secret meeting led by God's greatest agel—Lucifer.

Lucifer has been given a lot of priveleges, but it wants more. And so on that moment, they got together to plan of ruling over heaven.

And so it happened, they tried to win over heaven but they failed. God created them to be His companion, but they failed Him. They hurt him. "I've given them the privilege to be with me but they did this...I will not allow any traitor in my kingdom...I will lock them up to a place where fire is constantly burning keeping them from escaping that place." Then there wa hell.

The angels are creations of God that have been given the privilege of being in heaven—of being with God. They can fly, can show themselves simultaneously to different places, they can do many "cool" things but there is one thing they cannot do—they cannot commit any sin. Why? Because they are already in heaven. But then again, maybe God created them with free will, too, therefore it's up to them if they will continue being sinless or suffer the same fate as Lucifer.

How can anyone thought of doing bad things when all the great things are with them? Maybe God has this thought, maybe He's too disappointed with these creatures that He decided to create something else.

But first He will create a place for them. Because He plans to give them free will, too. But He plan not to throw them to hell if ever they made a mistake. In that place is everything they will ever need, in that place is where God will be, too. To be with this creation.

And so He created light and darkness so it won't be too hot or too cold, so they can appreciate God and take a rest. Then water and earth are created so they can have a place to stay and have something to keep them alive. He created nature and animals and this creation will take care of them. He created all these things so this creation will have something to do so this creation will have evrything he needs. Adam was created. He got lonely that's why Eve was also created. They were in paradise. They can do anything, eat what they want, but there is only one rule—don't eat the tree of life. The tree of life symbolizes the greediness to be greater than God. No one can be greater than God.

But then there was Lucifer. I guess it's free to roam the earth but it can never go back to heaven. And on earth (paradise), it tried to tempt these creations—the human beings. Lucifer must have been jealous of humans because they have the free will, and they have second chances. Even though they are not in heaven, everything they need is being given to them. It learned about the tree of life and so it enticed Eve to persuade Adam to eat from the tree of life.

They ate the tree of life. They could have been forgiven and everythibg would have been okay but instead of asking for forgiveness, they blamed one another. They didn't own up to their sins. This made God disappointed. And because human beings are not in heaven, they were thrown out of paradise or maybe God made them realize that they should do things on their own just to survive. They will have to gather fruits instead of it being given to them already. They will have to roam the world to find it—to have a shelter. Reality bit them. Everything they need is still there but they have to realize this first, do something to get it for them to finally find it. God still loves them. He just wanted an apology.

Time passed by and the human beings reproduced. It's been written in history how God is always there to talk to His creation. Until human beings are already so confused that they do things that can only hurt them.

Because the privilege of freely talking with God has been removed, Adam and Eve maybe failed to teach their offsprings how to communicate with God. It's been forgotten. Few people in history has been lucky to have talked with God. But the others did foolish things. How can human beings understand God. It's like this story I've heard about the kid and the ants:

There was a colony of ants that invaded the front yard of this kid's house. His parents hated this colony and so they decided to kill this colony by putting fire in this colony. The kid watched as the ants panicked and ran for their lives. Most of them, instead of going away from the fire, go to the fire instead and they got killed. The kid was shouting, "Don't go there...you will be killed!" But the ants kept on going there. This kid's Dad saw him shouting to the ants and he told his son, "How can the ants understand you, you are human. In order to make them understand you, you have to be an ant, too."

It's exactly what God did. Remember He is God, He can do anything. And so He made himself into a human being so people will finally understand Him. So He can finally save them. He's made the perfect plan. He has to be a real human being—susceptible to pain, born poor, and everything human but He won't commit any sin because He is God, too.

He really has to be human so people will understand that they, too can follow in the footsteps of Jesus. If He can do it, so can you. If He can follow God, so can you.

Jesus' goal is to save humans from sins. God can't eradicate sin because God put free will in every human's soul. He cannot tamper with it because it's like contradicting Himself.

The only thing that anyone who wants to be saved should do is to accept Jesus as his Savior. God loves human beings this much. They need not do good things, thay just have to accept Jesus and they will be saved. That's what you call GRACE. We are undeserving of God's mercy and love, but we are still given mercy and love. That is grace.

It's been written that Jesus will die for our sins but He has to conquer death—He has to resurrect. Resurrection means being able to conquer death, being able to conquer sin. Yes we are not required to do good things just to be saved, but we should also avoid doing sins. To accept Jesus is to love Jesus, to love Jesus is to love God. To love is not to hurt the one you love. To love is to love whom Jesus loves. Sin hurts Jesus, why would you hurt Jesus if you love Him?

Jesus taught us the 2 Greatest Commandments, He taught us how to pray to the Father. He taught us truths about the Father. He taught us about the greatness of heaven. He taught us how to be closer to the Father.

Jesus died for our sins—to pay for our sins because if He didn't do this, then we, the sinners, will have to pay our sins with our lives. Our sins have been paid. We have been saved.

Jesus' resurrection signifies conquering of death. This means we will also conquer death. We just have to follow Jesus—we have to accept Him as our Savior so He will save us from death, so we will also resurrect.

After resurrection, Jesus' goal has been done. He has to go back to heaven. But He leaves the Spirit to be on earth—to be with us. The Spirit is everywhere. We can never escape from the Spirit. If we climb to the ountain the Spirit is there, to the sea, the desert, even if we sleep, the Spirit is there. God is the Spirit. Remember, He is God and He can do anything. He is above us God but He has 3 personas. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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