Manila Bay--Baywalk has always been a positive place for me. It's not even happy, it's more of hopeful place for me. Whenever I go there, hope fills me.

With the turnout of events, I found myself worried and to take my mind off it, I went there. It was the first time that I've seen Manila Bay so angry. Big waves ran towards the concrete seats that served as barrier. Sprays of water getting on my face and blurring my eyeglasses. Waves so hyper, and happy but scary at the same time. The gray water looked even darker. I should have felt worse but it continued to give me hope.

Locals kept on looking at me, maybe wondering why I was alone and if I could be a target and so to avoid them, I left a few minutes later. I took the Faura way because I already know the streets of Malate. This time I wanted to explore Ermita. And I discovered Pan de Pugon, a bakeshop where it sells pandesal all day long, not just in the mornings.

After going to my neighbor mall, I decided to head to my dorm. Another thing happened. But as always, life should go on.


Richard said...

You must post pictures of this bay, remember, not all of us know what it looks like. I did a google image search and found some, but, still it would be nice to see whcih part of it you like.

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