A busy mother, after noticing that his son wasn't going out of his room, decided to open her son's room to check on her son--(the next thing she saw was the shock of a lifetime) her son hanged himself dead. Apparently, the son wwas high on drugs. Who was to blame? The son? The family? The drugs? The pushers?

Last night, I was with my friends. I was giving them moral support as they were resigning from their job in a hospital. As we were waiting for their boss, an alarmed tricycle was zooming into the emergency area, a man was shot. I was used to this scene in a hospital so I was not paying much attention. Sarah was a bit affected. I was too, but then that's life. It turned out that the man was a pusher known in our place.

I don't want to focus on my emotions amd views because I have a very strong emotion over this...there is an even more complicated story behind it but there is one question that popped out of my mind---"Nakapagsisi kaya siya ng kasalanan niya bago siya namatay?"


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