Gossip at Work

I have just come from a company where gossip is a way of living. Admittedly, I used to be the best gossiper in that company. But the gossips I chose to weave are relatively harmless and meant to entertain. Out of boredom, I was able to get four people meet the love of their lives. And they are very much happy until now.

But here in my new job, I chose not to meddle with anyone's personal businesses. If it was about work, I would demand to know everything, but if not, then I try not to join in the conversation.


Make a story about others. Make sure that it's gossip-worthy so people's attention won't be on you.

But if it's already inevitable, then ignore those bored insecure people. Remember: Their opinions do not matter. What matter are the opinions of your loved ones and most importantly your.


May and I found this book in National Bookstore entitled "The Misadventures of a Disorganized Woman". That should ne the title of my life--because I have lots of misadventures and I am disorganized. I am not proud of my being disorganized but about the misdaventures...hey, a little humor wouldn't hurt.

The book is actually a blog but on paper!

My newest favorite tv program: SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME


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