It's been two years now since I took the board exam in pharmacy. To think that time that I was reviewing, I had been in a very tough situation. Now, looking back, I could almost say that those moments in my life were blissful. I was able to spend time with my batchmates (mga irreg!) and hope for the future. Now, 2 years later...aka the future, a lot of things has happened. We have been toughened and blessed. In that two years I had two jobs. And I'm still working fortunately. Yung ibang mga kasama ko are mostly in Canada now. They are successfully reaching their goals to be Canadian pharmacists. I'm proud of them though nalulungkot din ako kase napag-iwanan na nila ako talaga. But it never fails to make me hope for a better future whenever they keep in touch with me. I am happy for them and delighted with their adventures in Canada. Meron na rin sa grupo namin na nag-asawa na at nasa Japan na ngayon...not working as a Japayuki, but studying to be a pharmacist also. Buti pa siya and I am also happy for her kase she's with the one she truly loves. And others who are still here in the country...sino-sino na nga ba kami? They are all also successful in their chosen fields. I am proud of them. Pero naisip ko---paano naman ako? Ano ng mangyayari sa akin? Pero knowing that God loves me, too, I know my time will also come. I will also be able to do something which I think and I'm sure God thinks (also) is worthy.

Magkikita-kita pa kaya kami?


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