I miss Mark.

After a hard day's work, I want to spend time with him even if it's only through text. But he's at work after my shift and I am at work after his shift. Hayyy...


I hate when people do not trust me. They make me don't trust them also. I can sense when a person is insincere that's why I only consider few true friends. Negligence is a no-no in friendship.


I am not satisfied with my performance at work. Dispensing is a good pharmacy practice since I'm exposed to the different kinds, appearances and brand names of drugs. But I am not cut for that. For one, I am slow. Because I make sure that the item I am giving a customer is the right item for them.

I want clinical practice. It's the best area for service and mind enhancement. I love the pursuit of knowledge and I won't be effective in a working area where gossip and assuming designates are around. But the "bossings" think I am not good enough for them. Oh well, someday, my time will come. Maybe not in here but somewhere else.


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