I feel like I'm the female version of Hitch. Matchmaker, Dr. Date Girl. I was fond of spotting potentials for others. But unlike Hitch, I have been opened to the idea of love and I have been loving this same person for couple of years now that I've made up my mind that he's the guy I am going to marry. Wala lang.
Kanina, one of my co-pharmacist informed me about the stuff one cash clerk wrote about. It was written on Sir T's mini information book since he's gonna leave us pretty soon. He'll be going somewhere in the Carribbean. That cash clerk used that as an opportunity to make jokes. I don't really mind. Actually, of all the pambabara I got today, that was the only one that made me laugh. He wrote that I was his favorite actress (ginawa niya kaseng slum book yung notebook ni Sir T) kase whether I am sad or angry or happy, I still had the same tone of voice (monotonous) and facial expression. That's true! And syempre he also mentioned my weird scrub suit! I'm weird...so?
I have to be patient. I owe that to my family and to Mark.


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