How to Deal With Me

I checked my email and found a letter from my aunt in oz...she is a bit fed up with me failing to respond to her. As much as possible, I respond to people who is in need of my attention for just about anything. But oftentimes, I'm absorbed in my own world that I am unaware of others thus, ignoring them in the process. I am mean sometimes. I'm sorry.
But I'm back. I know what I want now. And I am made aware again that I can't be sure of anything in this world except for God's love, and so I think I will be able to do what I have to do.
Thing is, it seems like I don't want any free rides. I want to do it the hard way...I believe that I am a self-made woman, at least, that's where I think I am going. I will be successful but I have to work hard for it, I have to earn it. I've been doing that all my life. That has been my nature. I want to ask for apology to everyone I've hurt in the process. I forgot how to deal with me eh. Life sometimes is hard but then there is only one way to go through it...at least one valid way...that's to live my life.
With that, can anyone help me find a cheap (soft-bound photocopied) IELTS Reviewer?


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