Love always wins. Love is the only rational act. I've read this from Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom.
I've been thinking about Mark. Actually, walang dumaan na araw na wala siya sa isip ko. And masasabi ko sa sarili ko na I' faithful sa kanya. I hope ganun din siya. Long distance relationship is really hard pero it depends on the persons involved. Sabi nila it won't work pero I've long made up my mind that Mark is the one I'm gonna marry. Even though it's me and him against the world.
And love...I'm glad it's Mark that I am loving.


Ako ay batang pasaway. Heto ako sa probinsya namin. May exam at meeting ako sa work pero hindi ako aattend. Bakit? Kase po mas gusto kong i-spend ang ilang araw na off ko sa piling ng pamilya ko kesa mapagalitan lang ng boss ko. Pasaway nga eh.
Na-late ako nung isang araw. Ewan ko kung bakit pero hindi ako nagising sa alarm ng cellphone ko at ng magising ako 7 am na eh 7 am ang pasok ko.

Drama Queen

I'm a twenty-something drama queen.
I tend to be dramatic whenever some trials whether big or small came to my life. My friends are right in saying that I'm really ma-drama sa buhay. Sometimes, I'm up to the point na I exaggerate the events in my life. I guess, telenovelas/pocketbooks have influenced me in some way. But then my life is really full of trials and triumphs, just like the stories in telenovelas/movies/pocketbooks. After all, most of the stories written are based on real life human experiences.
My being dramatic can't be seen with the way I dress. You can't see it also with the way I talk. But deep inside of me is a drmatic actress. Just read my entries and you can get an idea. Most of the time, my friends would just laugh at me or tease me whenever I get dramatic, but then again, I am who I am. I may be dramatic but that is what I perceive to be true.
Last night I was sick. The last time I got sick was when I was still 16. It's been 7 years and it made me think of the past on how I would sleep beside my parents whenever I was sick. But last night I was forced to sleep in my room because I feared that I would get Mom sick also because colds (fever) is contagious. I was chilling that I couldn't sleep. I was even delirious. Kaya ayun. I also got to think about my life and it made me sob. Pero my sobbing made me sleep naman.
I'm okay now.


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