Own World

There I was, sunkenly sitting alone in Mom's chair, waiting for customers to buy and pay for curtains and other textiles. I felt so alone. It seemed as if everyone was ignoring me. Then I've heard the song This Side by Nickel Creek followed by Stigmatized by I forot the name of trhe artist...then wala na, I'm in my own world again.
Si Jasming bangag na naman ako.
I really don't care. Kase I'm already in my own world, taking a journey to my own memories...memories of my not so recent past. Nope, not in the buildings near Taft Avenue, but rather in the areas along EDSA.
Those were the tough times but what the heck--I'm at peace and I could say I'm happy.
It's such a miracle that I'm filled with peace whenever I think about it. Hehe...but try to disturb me in my own world and you'll be shocked with my temper. So better back off!

Holy Week

We were in our usual routine. Everyone was busy with work stuff but we were also able to talk. Talk about anything, from the x-rated stuff to general patronage. That time one of us stated something about Holy Week and how God is dead on Good Friday. One of us commented that it's the devil's work in saying that God is dead on Good Friday and that whoever invented that (I'm not sure if she was talking about the wholeLenten Season but if she does...now what?!) is devil's advocate. Calling all Roman Catholics and Christians what can you say about these?
I would like to butt in their conversation but then it would be best if I just kept my mouth shut and that was exactly what I did.

The problem with human beings is that we tend to attack anyone/anything if we can't understand him/her/it. So that comment against the Lenten Season by my co-worker was the natural reacyion of ignorance. So for those non-Catholics this is the idea. Lenten Season is the season when we remember how Jesus (Diyos Anak) sacrificed His life for our salvation. The only way to be saved is to accept God (the Holy Trinity) in our lives. It is hard to explain how the Holy Trinity is possible, it's God's work and He is God so it is possible. The Holy Trinity is composed of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And they are just one God.

The world is in chaos and God the Father thinks the world needed someone to save the people. People won't understand God just as an ant won't understand human. And so God decided to send His Only Begotten Son to save the people by becoming human himself. He saved mankind though the way of the cross. Jesus (God the Son) must die on the cross to show humans that in this life, pain is present. But we shouldn't worry because Jesus was able to resurrect and this showed that humans can also conquer death. Death means the literal death and the death of sin.
God is not dead on Good Friday. Duh! We are just remembering how God died for us in order to save us all, and how He resurrected signifying salvation.

This Holy Week, let us stop for a while and think about God. Let us remember how He loves us and that He really loves us so much.

Have a Blessed Holy Week everyone!


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