Erwin. I made him an example to K and S when we were telling them how it was like to be married...the responsibilities. After K and S with their parents left, I decided to take a bath and visit my Nanay Metring. On the way there, I saw Erwin playing basketball. He seemed small and has been years since we had a conversation. Marriage took the life out of him...or should I say, his parents and family took the life out of him...he seems to be suffering for the past mistakes he had done. I pity him. If only I could help him and his wife Cecil. Cecil is about to conceive another baby.
Anyway, later that afternoon, we received a news that Erwin accidentally hit a child when he was driving the videoke to the place of their customer (they have the videoke renting business). And that the child needed to be transferred to the hospital I'm working in.
I really felt know why? Because I had this tendency, I don't know if it's just a coincidence but there are times that I got to think of this person (and I mean out of the blue thoughts) something big (good or bad) happens to that person. Is this some psychic powers? Or am I just being crazy?
The only things I could do is give Kuya Benny (Erwin's father) tips on what to do and how to buy the necessary medical items in our area.
I hope things will be okay.

of love and marriage

Last Thursday, I was having second thoughts if I would go home or not...I was really, really tired that day and all I wanted was to sleep. But I had a day off and I had nothing to do in Manila so I decided to just went home. That way, I'd also be able to avoid having any expense except for the fare.
Kristel once told me that if you were having second thoughts then chances are, something bad would happen. That was why I prepared myself for something bad...
Inside the bus, I was lucky enough to catch Save the Last Dance for Me. After I got off from the bus, I hailed a tricycle, but then the tricycle driver that I asked to drive me home knew me to be kuripot and mean and nagalit talaga siya sa akin when I refused to give him P30.
I watched tv, talked with my family, then they told me that my 2nd degree nephew eloped with his girlfriend...I knew K to do something wild but not like this...he was still so childish and he knew nothing about raising kids or loyal made me pity her mother, with all the problemas and obligations she had to face...she doesn't need another heavy baggage. Then suddenly, his lolo, Kuya During, went to us and asked for some favors like calling Jonathan, my brother and asked if K and S were with him. Their cellphones were off. We had to make several phone calls pero we still couldn't reach K and S. Then Ate Emily told us that she along with the girl's parents would be coming over to talk with thier daughter.
Muntikan pang magkagulo because of some wrong interpretation of action pero things were settled naman. Ate Emily brought the girl's parents to our house and we talked...all of us like why they did that and their way of thinking. I really learned a lot form marriage to parenthood to business.
I was nearly awake for 24 hours. But I got really sleepy. I woke up at 10:30 in the morning. Then Ate Auring phoned us to inform that K and S would be coming over.
Then there were some talks. In the end, K and S decided to go home with their parents. They promised to study.
Marriage is not only about love. Though it should be the basis, but then marriage has their own time. K and S should enjoy their youth.


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