Student Days

I am here in Espana...I had to buy my Mom her medicines. Going here made me reminisce the past...my student days.
I used to live in Espana, along with the other students of the University Belt. And it has been the happiest days of my student life. I remember I'm such an internet addict already. I would scout the streets along Espana, looking for internet cafes with cheap prices. I also love the food...they're already yummy and less expensive. The rental fee of beds (I'm a bedspacer) were not that expensive. I used to save a lot that time. I was able to buy clothes and other accessories.
I also love my roommates. They were understanding enough to the needs of the students.
And I'm also very much into journal writing that time...online journal was not yet known. I still didn't have a mobile phone then. But I was happy. Really happy.

Blessings and Hardwork

Looking through the different lives of the people made me think so much of my own. Am I less blessed or am I luckier than others? In several months that I've been reading other people's thoughts (through blogging), I discovered that I shouldn't compare my life with anyone. I am unique and so are the others. But it also made me think of the things/people that I have and where did they come from.
I have been blessed but oftentimes most of the good (and sometimes bad) things in my life are the fruits of my hardwork. I have always worked hard to achieve some of the things that I want.
Allow me to enumerate the blessings in my life:
my loving family...We aren't perfect. We made few mistakes more often than not, but I love them and they love me.
most of my friends...Melanie, Kleng, Ethel, Kaye, Labsie among others...I am just glad I still have friends left...kase I'm such a difficult person. Most of the people I have been with do not get my complexities. I'm a difficult person. Period. And I think it's really a blessing (or should I say luck?) that these people are still around...still my friends.
Mark. I am a difficult person. I don't know how he managed to still love me...Maybe because he's also a difficult person.
And these are the fruits of my hardwork:
my job...my former and my current job...If I didn't make an effort to go to work then most probably I wouldn't be able to survive my jobs. I may not be happy and satisfied but I am grateful.
going places... and I mean trying to find a greener pasture...most probably not here in the country. It's not just some luck...I have to work hard. But with God's blessings...it will eventually happen.


I am a pharmacist but I need doctors' or med students' help in finding the right anti-asthma drugs suitable for a pregnant women. My cousin-in-law was asking me about that.


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