I am having second thoughts if I would still join the outing in Pangasinan. But if making and meeting new friends are two of my agendas then I should go for it right? And besides, I want to go to Pangasinan. But a part of me wants to go home and just spend the day watching shows in Nickelodeon. I am addicted to it!


Almost all tricycle drivers in my hometown have deep loathing for me, and the feeling is mutual. I have never encountered a driver who is kind enough to ask for the just fare. Kaya whenver I'm alone I would rather walk than let these stupid drivers drove away with my money.
This morning, I rode a tricycle with an old man. We were both going to the market. The driver decided to take a route different from the usual. The route he took would take me farther from the place I was supposed to go. I hated the tricycle driver that I had the urge to nag at him. However, my head was already aching that time so I decided to just keep to myself. Then the old man asked the driver to stop bevcause he would get down. The old man only paid P5 instead of P7. I laughed (quietly) because the driver could do nothing about it. Karma is fast.
Talk about karma, my brother read my text messages.


Yesterday, after sleeping for 4 hours, I went to NBI Carriedo to renew my clearance. I need this for some requirement. I thought I would never be able to finish getting a clearance in a day, but I was surprised because in 30 minutes I had my renewed clearance. Wala lang...isa itong himala!
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Yesterday was the international women's day. Violence against women was tackled and given attention.
I am a woman and I should know this violations against my gender. I should know these things for I am also not free from these things. And honestly, I've been a victim not just once but I think lots of times. My experiences were not as tragic as the others but they are still violence done against me.
All women should also know these things.


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