I watched the news last night about the Mabini, Bohol poisoning...30 elementary students died aftereating cassava...Manihot esculenta...the doctor interviewed was not sure of the exact reason why they died...the mayor didn't know also...but the victims' families were already weeping in agony.
Cassava, as I have learned in Pharmacognosy, is composed of cyanogenic glucosides...and upon hydrolysis (reaction with H2O), it will yield a ketone, an aldehyde, a sugar, and the toxic cyanide ion. Toxicity of cyanogenic glucoside is due to the liberastion of hydrogen cyanide for the major food sources such as cassava or kamoteng kahoy...The presence of cyanogens protect them from herbivores. Linamarin is the predominant cyanogenic glucoside in cassava.
Cyanide poisoning ang mangyayari kapag kumain ka ng cassava na hindi ayos ang pagkakaluto...meron kase siyang effect sa enzyme system ng body na pwedeng mag-cause ng pagkawala ng oxygen sa cell thus nasisira yung cell...imagine mong walang oxygen ang katawan mo...eh di patay ka. Kaya if you're planning to eat kamoteng kahoy na nilaga...one should chopped the tuber then wash it with water...coming from the faucet...basta dapat running water siya. This can remove the toxic substances in cassava. Siguro the lady who cooked the cassava didn't wash well the cassava and therefore poisoning for her customers...eh bata pa naman ang mga yun.


I'm feeling so low today. I had a talk with my senior and she told me that she wasn't satisfied with my performance. I agree. But I'm not satisfied with the whole system either.
Here are the areas I should try to improve:
confidence told her I was afraid to make decisions because I am not familiar with the SOPs...lame excuse but it's the truth
initiativeness Mark has been telling me to be initiative...I guess I don't have the drive...guess, Chief RPh was right in telling me that I don't have the drive...duh...I don't have a car...double duh!
being disorganized to put it bluntly...being a slob! That I don't know if they can see the improvement.
Actually, I can very well improve these three areas but the fourth area...I'm not sure...
being slow...really, I tried my best to be fast enough but they think it's not enough...then fire me! At least, I'll have an excuse to get away from that place!
Good thing is...now I have an excuse to show the meaner side of me. Beware world!


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