Benedict XVI

"Everything falls apart without truth."
That's the principle of the new pope. I hope he will remain principled when it comes to Catholic faith and doctrines. However, I just hope that he won't excommunicate people. Instead, I hope that through him there will be more people converted to Catholicism.
Hehe...I was stupid kanina kase I went to PRC to translate a document but then I later found out as I was talking to the guy from the information desk that the document has an English translation already. Buti na lang he didn't know.
Updates pa...My ego is badly bruised. I'm still nursing it. I just hope I will be inspired at work. Wala eh...nawalan ako ng gana sa company ko. Ito ang masama sa akin eh, when I get turned off to something, I lose my interest. But I have to work and stay. Hmmm...Hmmm...I just hope I will be as positive as the others.
Hey, friendster has blogs already. Let's see what's gonna happen.


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