Series of Misadventures

Life has a way of dragging you to the center just to beat you up. After that you can either cry your heart there and then, or crawl yourself away to the side and mope silently.
Comedy or tragedy. You choose.
I am not self-centered. But maybe I am stupid most of the time and chicken-hearted when courage is being called for.
Remember that 16-hour duty? I thought I was able to go through with it wiothout committing any mistake. I was wrong. Thing is I processed the wrong fund (P5000 instead of P500) for some donor prescriptions and so I had to pay for that with my buddy that time.
Last night, I was not able to sleep in my boarding house because the land lady and her husband was gone and my room mates were selfish enough not to open the door for me. I really pitied myself last night because I had to go back to my work place and spent the night there. It's really hard to try to be independent. Pero t*ng ina nila! Makakarma din sila!
***It's raining...the weather suits my mood.


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