I'm happy becauseI've accomplished some things today.
I went to the University Registrar to ask for some documents. It's April already and a lot of freshmen (or wannabe freshmen of my alma mater) were going to the registrar to ask for some instructions or processes.
I remembered me when I was one of them. That was like 6 years ago. I was with my mother. At first, I did not want to go to UP because I was afraid of the people. I would rather be in Ateneo or La Salle even if their tuition fees were way,way high compared to UP. I was afraid because I thought that all UP people were mean and nasty. I thought I would never fit in. Actually, that was what I was most worried about and not about the grades. I thought then that my course was easy and I would graduate earlier than 4 years. I was very ambitious then. I became even more afraid when I met my batchmates and blockmates during the orientation. I thought I would never really fit in. I couldn't see myself being friends with those people.
As days went by, I have met all of my blockmates. I began to have friends. I was still very much struggling surviving here in Manila. I was from Batangas. Probinsyana talaga ako. It was my first time na mag-boarding house. I did the laundry and ironing of clothes. I learned how to budget my money. I was blessed because I had kind and helpful roommates. I began to feel happy.
However, I think I had a culture shock with college. It was hard pala to pass the subjects. I had to either study (and understand) or else I would fail. Pharmacy was hard pala. I wanted to quit but I didn't. I survived my first semester without failing any subjects.
My college friends...I miss these girls! I was the one wearing a pink blouse.
Second semester was different. Life started to show its harshness. I started fooling around. I started to cut class. To not study at all. I had my reasons but I now know that I could have gotten better grades if I just study just like the rest of them (the regulars).
Anyway, it was such a long story if I would narrate every years I've spent in college. But here are some of the things I've learned in UP on how to pass your subjects:
There is no reason to fail if you would just study
Memorizing is not enough, you have to understand what you're studying
Love and be interested in what you're studying.
Cry if you want to but still, study what you have to study
Be positive, never allow thoughts like you're going to fail or you're not good enough because the truth is you're good...you're not only good but you're one of the best.
Pray. It really helps.
UP taught me a lot of things. It showed me the sad realities in life while instilling idealism. I guess, that's why all UP people (Isko at Iska) are somehow activists whether they admit it or not. I think it's good. It makes me appreciate my country more. It makes me love this country more.
I love the Philippines but I just have to try my luck in other countries. Hehe...Pero Pinoy pa rin ako!
Para sa lahat ng freshmen...goodluck! Wag kayong matakot. At galingan ninyo. Mag-aral ng mabuti.


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