I may not be able to blog for a while because I'm officially broke until the next payday. But if a miracle would happen, then maybe I'll be around to read your blogs. I'll be leaving you with pictures!
Ang cute na cute na si Kuya Yuan, anak ni Erwin at Cecille.
Writing letter for Mark
My younger sister
Me in our store
Me and Mark

Sad News

Pope John Paul II died already. At least he's with God now. I hope the next pope will be as effective as Pope John Paul II. I shouldn't worry about that because God will be constantly guiding whoever becomes the next pope.
Let's pray for the soul of Pope John Paul II.


For the last few weeks, marriage has always been on my mind. This is because I do want to get married already but I know I still cannot take the responsibilities and I'm not ready yet. For the last few weeks, the disadvantages and advantages have been shown to me by the media and by my relatives. There were moments that I almost completely got scared of marriage and men. The rampant annulment, legal separation, and divorce all over the world prove that there is something wrong with how the world views marriage. And just when I was about to swear off marriage, I received a news from my dear friend. He told me he secretly got married. I was shocked. He told me that he would give me an invitation card for his wedding but I didn't receive any, of course it was secret marriage, so that was impossible. Medyo nainggit ako kase ako di ko kayang gawin iyong ginawa nila. Pero sa situation nila, it's about time that they do get married. Iyon nga lang, magkaiba sila ng religion ng babae kaya siguro nagpakasal na sila sa civil.
Their secret marriage made me hope that someday I'd get to marry the guy I love and that he will love me too. That I will get to be treated with care, love , and respect.


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