Too Many

Guess what! I'm here in Glorietta, trying to keep myself awake while waiting for my friends Shirley and Labsie. A lot of things happened today.
I was surprised at myself because I was able to bond with the people I was hating last night. Read my previous post to know why. They were actually nice. Oh well, we have our misgivings.
However, one of them put me in trouble with the refund. Things is, I think I would have to pay for those items refunded if the auditor would not allow that transaction. I better be in control next time. Be a bitch if I have to. Problem with me is that I'm so honest. But I am not that convinced to compromise my values. But I admit it was my fault. Good thing though is that it was cheap and a lot of people did help me. Thanks, Ma'am L.
I'm also thinking if I should join the outing tomorrow in Pangasinan. I haven't been there (been there, dumaan lang). We will also drop by Baguio. But I don't feel like bonding with them. I am brooding.
Another good thing is that I was able to get my deposit in my former boarding house. Thankfully, those two caretakers were concerned of me. Their meanness to me before is already forgiven.
Maybe tomorrow, I would change my mind. Maybe...


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