Highlights of my trip:
Bus left at 11Pm. People started to bring out their alcoholic drinks. They went sober and were so noisy, the rest of us could not sleep anymore.
By the time the noise died down, we hit the zigzag road. It felt like the bus would overturn and that kept me awake most of the time.
We arrived in Baguio at 5:30AM the next day. We had breakfast at Baguio Palace Hotel.
We went to Burnham's Park.
Me and my companions decided to go to Mine's View Park. We decided to rent the FX we were riding. The fare was expensive but since we were tourist, I had tolerated it.
We went to Good Shepherd Convent to buy Ube Jam but the store was still closed.
We went to Grotto. I walked up the stairs. Tiring but okay.
We went to the market palce but I was too tired and sleepy to go with them. I stayed in our rented vehicle.
We stopped by some session store or whatever.
We went back to Burnham Park because the bus would leave then for Bolinao, Pangasinan.
On the way to Pangasinan, I kept myself awake until we have reached La Union. Reason was sentimental. It took another 5-6 hours before we finally arrived at the resort. The resort was Puerto del Sol at Bolinao, Pangasinan. The place was heavenly. I'll show you pictures some other time. We ate lunch. We rest for a while. There was no signal for Globe and we were forced to buy Smart SIM.
The beach is a wonder for me. Ang haba kase ng area kung saan hanggang alak-alakan lang ang level ng tubig. That area was whitish in color and obvious na yung malalim ay kulay dark blue. Ang galing! Ang galing din kase wala na akong makitang bundok malapit sa beach na iyon. Naisip ko tuloy na baka start na iyon ng kung anong ocean. Di ba ang galing, nakapunta ako sa start ng ocean na iyon.
I went for a swim sa pool nga lang since mababaw nga ang tubig sa dagat. That night, there was a band playing. Ang galing! I liked the music they played. Sulit ang stay ko dun! We also had some games. We also danced. I drank tequila pero konti lang. Kakaiba kase ang tyan ko.
Meaningful ang stay ko dun kase marami akong napag-isip. Someday babalik ulit ako dun sa dulong resort sa dulong town ng Pangasinan na malapit sa dagat.
Puerto del Sol


I finally decided and was actually excited to go to Baguio/Pangasinan when I heard from the FX's radio I was riding that it was Pope's burial day. There was an event in Luneta in connection with Pope's burial so I decided to go there instead of watching some movies in the mall.
I saw some important people. But I also saw some Muslim leaders in Luneta. It made me admire the Pope (more). That only showed that a lot of people are respecting him.
I got sad because it made me remember my father. He already passed away. Then I also remembered FPJ, he already died. Now the Pope's gone. I feel like I have no father anymore. It made me really sad. Pero I should be happy for them because they're already with God. And that I won't have to see my Dad struggling like most old men do.
Issues were brought up in the speeches of important Catholic people. They were trying to recall what are Pope's messages and how the World Youth Day and World Family Day went. I was more concerned with the issues.
People who participated in Luneta
Issues like abortion and artificial contraception. Also, there were issues like euthanasia, genocide, and death penalty. Actually, I'm against abortion and artificial contraception. Pills could actually hurt women. It could cause cancer and it could greatly affect the heart. I liked how the priest put it--God always forgives. People sometimes forgive. But nature never forgives. He is right. Look what happened to Quezon. People denuded the forest. Then typhoon came and most of their people were taken.
I also found out that the Pope was a Marian Pope. He believes that rosary (being his favorite prayer) is the prayer for peace. True for me, look at EDSA I. People prayed the rosary, and the result was peaceful revolution. I have to admit that I have long abandoned my rosary. I decided to go back to praying the rosary every night. This is really not for me, but it is for this world, especially the Philippines.
View of Rob Place Ermita (the two towers) from Luneta...I love Manila but not the people

I'm Back

It's been a while. I miss reading your blogs and I miss writing here. I have been busy. More stories to come!


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