Nagbu-busy-busy-hang Jassy

I just had my 16-hour duty. I was totally stressed. My nose gave in and so I had to deal with massive amount of blood oozing from my nose--gross right? Well, I have been dealing with nose bleeding (epistaxis?) for years. My first nose-bleed was when I was still 5, days before I was diagnosed to have dengue fever. From then on, whenever I am stressed or the enviroment has very high temperature that it seeps into my veins and arteries, my nose would surely bleed.
I have been busy with work and with other stuff, outside work but still concerns my future. I am still sleepy but I want to go out and do something productive like going to PRC to inquire something about translation but I found out that PRC already imposed the four-day work system and so I have to go back this Monday. Daming oras na masasayang.
I hate the government. Ang uso nga dapat, 24 hours na lahat ng agency eh para tuloy-tuloy at nakakasabay tayo sa ibang bansa. May pag-asenso, pero ayan, at apat na araw na lang ang araw na magtatrabaho ang kawani ng gobyerno kaya ang daming mapaparalisa.
I love the philippines but I hate the government.


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