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It has been years since the last tuklong-an was held in our community. I didn't know what has gotten into my Uncle Boy but he sure did a great job in leading our community to hold another tuklong-an. Everyone participated. For the older ones this is a review of the past and a look at their present so their future will be full of hope. For the younger ones, this is a new experience for them.

But just like other tuklong-an it has to end because it is just a novena to Mama Mary with a twist (because mini-programs were held after the rosary and flower offering). Tapusan is celebrated with Santacruzan/Flores de Mayo/sagala.

Last June 4 I took the day off. I went to Lipa to attend to some important things and to participate in the celebration.

End of Tuklong-an.

It ended last May 30. But people still prayed the rosary every night after that although there were no programs or free food afterwards. They did that just to pray and meet.
Last June 3, Fr. Pusikit held a mass there. I did not attend the mass because we were busy preparing the house and the food that Fr. Pusikit and company would eat after the mass.
Fr. Pusikit went there and ate breakfast. He talked with us. I wasn't really there to hear what he was saying but I liked his style.

He really does understand the masses. He has drug pusher friends, prostitutes, and all the other trashes of society. He is a missionary kase and I like to hear more of what he is going to say. So I guess, I'll frequent the church from now on. Truth is, I was kind of losing faith in the priests of our parish even if I have a relative priest. They just seem so unreachable. Good thing, I met Fr. Pusikit. There is hope for my faith in the church after all.

Morning of Tapusan.

That morning all were busy. I was busy with my papers, others were busy preparing the stage and the "bankulong". There were music and people were excited. Others were slaughtering a pig to be cooked later that day for the guests and the participants.

Sagala (procession with beautiful gowned people) was to be held at 4 in the afternoon. We were waiting for Ate Emily to come because Kaye and Jenica were two of the Reyna Elenas. At almost 4, everyone was ready except for my relatives. And people were pressuring them to move fast. We were all like trying to help whatever we can. I helped in gowning my nieces while having a grand time teasing my sister ( she was the Mama Mary).


The sagala started. Mom and I supported my sister. She was supposed to be Mary but then she had no "bankulong" of her own. It didn't look right to see "Mama Mary" walking alone because Mama Mary always has a companion be it in the movies or in the procession and so it would turn out to be a disaster sana but then the organizers were able to give her a partner so she would not look pitiful. I was proud of my sister though because she has the most important role in the sagala. And she was the one who designed her costume.

Cousins and other relatives joined in the procession to support our younger relatives who were participating in it. I was sure they were also reminiscing the past, when we were the ones with the gown and the "bankulong" and sash. I never get to be the Reyna Elena but I have participated in countless sagalas before. Being in it would make you feel beautiful and flattered by the people's comments.

The sagala started from the tuklong (small church, thanks Russ!) then to Sabang Subdivision then to A. Bonifacio St., then to H. Latorre, then to G.B. Lontok then back again to the tuklong.
That was fun just like old times. I also gave out candies to the participants because I believed that they would get thirsty and tired from walking. They needed instant ebergy. They appreciated naman what I did.

Next in Line Beauties.

It is time to give the limelight to my younger relatives. It is their time to bloom. They are the next in line beauties. And it is our job to keep them good and be the best in evrything that they will do.

Singing Contest.

After the sagala, there was a singing contest entitled "Timpalak sa Awitan". It was supposed to be an amateur singing contest but then a lot of professional singers joined and most of them were from far flung places (as far as Tanay, Rizal, Quezon City, Quezon Province).
First prize was P5000, second prize P3000, third prize was P1500, fourth prize was P1500. There was also a special award worth P1000 to be given to the donor's personal choice.
But before that, we ate dinner. There was also an awarding of winners from the 3 on 3 basketball game.. Most of my cousins won. Of course almost all of us in the community were related.

My brother and his team (the band team according to the announcer) won a special award. The Most Behave Team. Haha, they were the last kase. Kulelat. Kaya they gave them an award. My bro and his friends were not around that time and so I took the trophy. Funny thing is, I was holding a plastic of coke and Nova when I went up the stage to take the trophy. My relatives were laughing at me. It was even caught on video. Embarrassing but I don't mind.
The singing contest was a success. 32 participants joined. Most were between 18 to 35, there were also children. The guy kid won the contest. He was from Tanay Rizal and he was only 11.


There were lots of intermission numbers. Beat Unlimited danced. Trisha danced. The Christian Youth danced. They were wearing shirts with Choose Jesus print and they danced to the tume of Sa Yahweh by Gary V. They were really good. I was impressed.
Ryan Sabaybay, the champion of Star Dance Idol ABS went there to dance. People asked him to dance again. He would have obliged but then his companions did not allow him. And that was so bad. I hated his companions and that made me ignore Ryan even if we were in the same room (we went to Kuya Carling's house to eat dinner while Ryan and co. were resting for a while).


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