I am often touched by the unknown faces I passed by in my workplace. I wonder what their lives were like and how come they were still able to shed some lights to others despite their predicaments.

I envy them.

No I don't envy their predicaments. But I envy their smiles--sincere and real. My smile is rarely seen. This is because when I'm angry I am frowning, when I'm sad, I look sad. People find me unapproachable because of this. But if there is one thing I can be proud of with my rare smile, it's the fact that when you see me smile, that means it's full of sincerity, warmth, gladness. It's real and it's pure.

Back to the unknown faces, it's ironic but the only time I get to be touched by them is when I am walking the grounds of my workplace just like them. I can see their tired, hopeless but still hoping faces. I can see people with pure heart. I cannot see these things when I'm inside our area. Why? Because people look at us like we are there to give them pain, that we're their enemy. That hurts and so we (the people inside) tend to build our defenses and act just like them. The problem with most of our customers is that they don't know that what we're doing is service to them. Of course we have our salaries but the work we're putting and the service we're giving cannot be paid by any amount of money. We need respect and appreciation. We try to understand that the people we're serving have problems because their loved ones are sick or dying but it doesn't give them the right to DISRESPECT anyone. And if they disrespect us, no matter how kind we are, we won't be able to let them get away with that.

This goes out not only to those people confined in our workplace. This goes out to anyone who would be bringing their loved ones to our workplace someday. When the lines are long and you still choose to fall in line just to buy medicines from us, don't pressure us to move fast. Because the fact is, we're moving the fastest that we can. And we are here to serve you. Be thankful. Appreciate us. And RESPECT us.


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