One Step Forward

Before I went to sleep last night, I have one worry--that is I might not be able to get up to go to work.

This morning, I found myself up and awake. I prepared to go to Manila. Mom and Lyn walked me to the street where I could get a ride. I was calm.

I went to work. Saw my co-worker. We greeted each other. I was not in my uniform. Had some trouble with my supervisor. My supervisor did not mention about my problem. I guess for her it was not a big deal. But for me--what happened was really a big deal. I was not allowed to be seen by the people because of my clothes. So I did an intern's job all throughout our shift.
My friend Kim went to our place to have her orientation and training. Finally she's with me already. At least someone would relate to me whenever I would tell her about my work.
Had to go back to Lipa. I don't mind the stress and the long hours of travel. I want to watch my teleseryes. Hehe...Lucky Manzano was at Kampanerang Kuba and the moment I saw him there--I laughed. It was like a comedy show na. Di na serious. Maybe because Lucky M. has been known to be makulit. I don't know him that well but it was my reaction. I'm gonna watch that show again so I would laugh again.

Current news has been full of Gloria stories. I don't pity them that much because they also did those things to Erap. Weather-weather lang iyan. But if you're going to ask for my opinion. I would rather not have another impeachment/EDSA 3/revolution. The country is already slumped in poverty. It does not need further destabilization. I hope Gloria would really do something about our country's problems. It would take a miracle though. But well, miracles do happen.


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